Presents the Video Series “Brain Tumors 101”

In this blog, I would like to discuss a project that we hope will lead to increased knowledge and assistance to patients and their family members who are dealing with a brain tumor diagnosis.  I have started an online video course to discuss brain tumors. These informal lectures are titled “Brain Tumors 101”. The goal of these […]


Brain Tumor Gene and Familial Link with Gliomas in Family Members

A recent report has received significant attention in the brain tumor community.   This is a brief communication to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute by a consortium of researchers who have been studying the possibility of familial genetic links to gliomas. This brief report focuses on two families out of thousands of […]

The Blood Brain Barrier and Treatment of Brain Tumors

  A recent report in New Scientist describes what is being called a breakthrough in terms of scientists ability to open the blood brain barrier. What is the blood brain barrier and why is this important for glioblastoma patients, and is this truly a breakthrough?  First, it should be noted that most blood vessels in the […]