The Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation

The Ivy Foundation has funded more than 50 million dollars of GBM research focused on  patient-focused projects with potential for impact in the near term. I thought it would be appropriate to share their mission statement and overview.

“Our ultimate goal is to cure brain cancer, while our immediate goal is to improve diagnostics and treatment. We’re dedicated to improving the lives of all patients with brain cancer by funding research that we hope will lead to the doubling of life expectancy of patients with brain cancer. Our goal is to do this within the next seven years.”

Mission: Improve the lives of people diagnosed with brain tumors

The Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation is dedicated to improving the survival and quality of life of people diagnosed with brain tumors. We fund promising research because funding leads to answers. And answers lead to hope.

What a terrific resource for the brain cancer community. To learn more please see their website at